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How to counter financial fear!

Let’s get proactive with our fear around money. We often fear what we can’t control and right now loss of control is a daily challenge. Humans like to be in control and one way we can gain that back is by looking at our financial situations as honestly as we can. Let’s make some new financial goals because the only way we can decide where we are going is to look back and see where we’ve been. I’m going to re-work my budget both personally and professionally. Doing so will help me create some new goals and better prepare myself and my company for any potential future financial interruptions. Join me?

How you can grow through these challenging times!

Remember all the times you’ve grown when life challenged you? You can embrace a similar perspective to help you understand yourself on deeper levels. How? By making friends with the fear that we all feel right now. Who are we..really? We are powerful, we are strong and we loving! Don’t allow your fear to mislead you about the truth of who you are…

Time to shift our mindset!

We are connected to each other through collective consciousness. So what I think about affects the energy of our societies as a whole. Think about that for a minute…WOW! How can this be? We are all interconnected and our thoughts contribute to the collective. How can your positive and hopeful thought help others right now? Did you know you can shift the suffering happening just by sending out loving and hopeful thoughts? Absolutely! What would you like those thoughts to be today?

You are not is all around you!

This is a scary and uncertain time for many, so it’s understandable we feel afraid. We don’t need to go through this alone. We are always surrounded by our loving spirit guides and this can mean different things to different people. If you follow a particular faith, follow a deity or spirit guide, a higher power or your higher self…you are never alone. I think this is a comforting reminder during a very uncomforable time. Trust that life loves you and will take care of you, so you can let go of the fear and stress that is so prevalent right now…