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Love Perspective & The Immune System

As the founder of Iyasu’s Metaphysical Cleanse, my intention is to provide my clients with continuing education of self-healing through self-love. As a Metaphysical Intuitive, I teach clients how to work with the Wisdom of the Body. Our bodies are [...]

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A 7 Day Story Of Trust

A 7 Day Story Of Trust By Stephanie Kato, Metaphysical Intuitive Healer Beside my Metaphysical Cleanse school and (newly completed) self-healing courses, I am the owner and founder of a holistic health clinic in Los Angeles, Ca. When this cataclysmic [...]

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WE HAVE A CHOICE! Aside from sequestering ourselves and practicing social distancing, did you know there is something else we can all do to stop this virus from spreading and actually shut it down? YES, and I am going to [...]

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The Power of Love

What is so powerful it moves us to tears of joy or tears of sadness? What touches our hearts through music and media? What is so powerful that we endure hours of physical and emotional pain for our loved ones? [...]

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It’s Up to Me…

When working with a client my intention is always on empowerment of self. We are individually responsible for ourselves and our lives. [...]

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