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Iyasu’s Metaphysical Cleanse Webinar Series

100% Responsibility – Healing Familial Relationships

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No one triggers us emotionally quite like our families. These relationships bond us together in ways that promote and encourage deep self-healing. Although it might seem as though nothing can change and we are doomed to feel terrible when addressing family issues, there is hope! Taking full responsibility for our part creates and opens places within ourselves unknown to us…until now. Join me as we journey into the depths of your own heart and soul and discover the freedom that lies within you!


What do we all truly desire?


Why do we love romantic movies – either dramas with romantic storylines or light-hearted rom-coms? Because we love being in love, and watching these types of movies trigger emotions within our hearts. In fact, doing so actually helps us open our hearts because we acknowledge the love we might be afraid to feel otherwise. It is an emotionally safe way to connect with this beautiful part within. We ALL need this connection with ourselves first, then with others.

What in life creates the most emotional pain?

Worrying about two things: not getting what we want or losing what we have.

These types of worry show up in various areas of our lives:

  • Disbelief that we are worthy enough to receive:
    • A loving, honoring and respectful relationship
    • A life we are proud of and happy to be living
    • Abundance in all its forms
    • Meaningful connection with others (including our families)
    • Fulfilling and purposeful work

What if I taught you how to let go of this worry and live in freedom and peace? Do you believe you can live the life of your dreamiest dreams? If you experience lack anywhere in your life, there is one thing missing:

You have forgotten who you are.

Who are you?

You are LOVE!!

Until you remember and fully embrace this one essential truth, chances are you will continue to feel unworthy, self-critical and unlovable. This is no way to live your life. You deserve more.

You deserve the life you desire!

Iyasu’s Metaphysical Cleanse Webinar series is designed to help you self-heal. The most meaningful and profound lessons life offers are those we discover ourselves. Guess what?

Everything you need to self-heal already exists within you!

Remembering the truth of who you are is accessible to you…provided you are willing to walk a path of self-reflection, self-respect and self-honoring. Journey with me as I take you on a sacred experience to discover your truth. Although walking on this path might reveal some uncomfortable emotions, it’s better to feel them rather than hide from them. When we avoid challenging aspects of ourselves, we end up feeling lonely, discouraged, disillusioned and often physically sick or unwell.

As a Metaphysical Intuitive Healer, my work is connecting the metaphysical dots to my client’s physical dysfunction. The body loves us and supports our internal growth and healing. It does this by creating illness and dis-ease within to wake us up to our truth: we are love.

I’ve structured the lessons as follows:

  • 100% Responsibility:
    • Familial relationships
    • Romantic relationships
    • Business / Co-worker relationships
    • Friendship relationships
  • Nurturing Our Vulnerable Selves
  • Living Free From Victim Mentality
  • Daily Mindfulness Living

First, we cannot create joyful and free lives until we are willing to own our part in every one of our interactions. It’s not always easy to look at our own behavior and how it affects others but it is vital and courageous foundational work.

Owning my part affirms my self-worth and self-love

Second, connecting to our vulnerable selves is the #1 key to self-healing…period. When we hold this precious part of ourselves with deep love and honoring, we create trust within ourselves and in all our relationships.

Allowing vulnerability reveals hidden emotions

Third, releasing victim mentality is crucial to owning the strength of who we are. In choosing this mental perspective, we fan the flames of our own suffering and unknowingly create situations and relationships that mirror this inaccurate belief system, causing more emotional pain and stress. If you are ready to truly free yourself, releasing victim mentality will provide you the key to unlock true joy within you.

Living free from victim mentality creates a life of freedom

Finally, daily mindfulness living teaches us how to be here now and live in the present moment. Regret and guilt keep us rooted in the past. Fear keeps us firmly in the future. In this present moment – neither actually exist! It’s a way to distract ourselves from feeling unworthy and unlovable. Neither of these feelings reflect the truth! Are you beginning to notice a pattern?

 There is a joyful way to live and that way…is right now.

Iyasu’s Metaphysical Cleanse Webinar Series

100% Responsibility – Familial Relationships

Check Back for Future Webinars