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Why Illness and Disease Appear ‘Suddenly’

As a Metaphysical Colon Hydrotherapist I have the honor of working with clients who take sessions with me to address their illness, disease and dysfunction. Similarly to the last blog I wrote – ‘Why We Have Unexplained Weight Gain’, your body can also present weird physical symptoms that may seem to appear suddenly.

The truth? These symptoms have been in the making for quite some time. The reason they seem to pop up out of nowhere is because the conditions within the body/person are right for it to do so. What do I mean?

Let’s start with more obvious examples: Have you ever noticed that when you indulge in too much drinking and partying, or you are not sleeping well, or are under a great deal of stress, you tend to get sick more easily? It seems as though your body’s resistance is down and you ‘catch’ a cold or flu. It’s easier to connect being hungover or bouts of insomnia with not feeling well – the cause and effects are more easily seen. But what about the less obvious experiences?

Our bodies are made to be incredibly strong and can put up with and hold quite a bit (physically and emotionally) until it reaches its limit. Humans experience illness, rashes, bloat, pain and many other maladies after we go through and complete a period of emotional stress. Coincidence? I don’t think so. I believe our bodies hold onto stressful experiences akin to holding our breath. When the stress has concluded (or when our bodies cannot take it anymore) it’s as if we take a big exhale and let out a huge release. This release allows whatever our bodies stored on our behalf to come up and out. If we do anything to prevent this release (belief that we must keep ourselves protected, for example) it gets trapped in the body in a type of limbo state. We experience this state as physical discomfort intended to help us become aware of current beliefs that need to shift, emotions that are ‘stuck’ (often experienced as congestion) and opportunities to surrender and trust in the letting go process.

Let’s break this down from 4 different perspectives:


One of the reasons I choose colon hydrotherapy as a profession signifies my understanding that both disease and health originate in the colon. A recent study published by Columbia University [1] shows the effects of gluten on people with wheat sensitivities. The study concluded that some people who eat gluten end up with disruptions in their gut lining leading to autoimmune disease. How does this relate to my earlier statement? Intestinal epithelial cells regenerate every 3-7 days. Let’s say someone with a gluten sensitivity eats gluten and end up with tears in the intestinal tissue barrier. The body will do its best to regenerate cells to repair these tears and prevent bacteria and microorganisms from escaping into the bloodstream. However, if this person continues to eat gluten daily, their body doesn’t have time to repair these tears, and both leaky gut and autoimmune diseases may be a likely conclusion. In this example, many people don’t know they have a gluten sensitivity and may not correlate back or joint pain to the sandwich they just ate. (Taking pain meds to manage food related inflammation can create other gut issues as well.) The body gives us clues and if we ignore them, the inflammation created from these tears in the gut will create an illness that seems to show up suddenly. As you can see, in actuality, it was created over time.


Think back to a time just prior to the start of any chronic illness or dysfunction you might be experiencing right now. What was going on in your life at that time? Are you aware of any mindsets then that are still with you today? If so, have you reviewed them recently to ascertain if these beliefs serve you, (especially with regard to self-healing)? If you were to give a voice to your physical illness or dysfunction, what would it say to you? Can you hear how it is trying to help you self-heal on all levels of your being?

If you discover that you currently possess a mindset that reflects a similar mindset to one you had prior to an illness, this may be your body’s way of asking you to change your mind…literally!


Did you know that we hold emotions in our cells? Yup! Our bodies are like emotional storage units that tend to show us what we are holding onto emotionally through illness and disease. When the conditions are right (triggers from an emotionally traumatic break-up, for example), the emotions release in the physical body to help us feel the feelings we have been ignoring. Our feelings can be easily dismissed or shoved under a metaphorical rug. If we don’t want to feel our feelings we can distract ourselves with a myriad of options or stay in our head and think about something else. Think of illness as the body’s way of asking for payment on the emotional storage unit. When this happens it can be a positive experience viewed from this perspective, especially when we connect with the hurt and heartache the illness is representing. When we allow ourselves to feel the emotional pain we have been avoiding, the illness can heal because its job is done.


Sometimes illness presents itself as a way to connect us back to our spiritual selves. Have you ever noticed that people tend to find spirituality or religion when they are feeling desperate? I think it’s human for people to feel in control of their lives when their lives are in control. When life tosses you around and you experience an illness that doesn’t seem to heal, the vulnerability of this experience can leave people feeling out of sorts. If what worked before fails to work again, many seek out spiritual guidance. Often illness is a way for the body to create a connection with our Higher Self that can guide us back to a place of health, love, peace and joy.


If you need assistance in learning how to self-heal in these ways, please book a metaphysical session with me. My specialty is in Metaphysical Etiology.

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