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Aside from sequestering ourselves and practicing social distancing, did you know there is something else we can all do to stop this virus from spreading and actually shut it down?

YES, and I am going to share both of these with you today:

Media fast:

The biggest reason for the rapid spread is fear. We are human and naturally succumb to fear from time to time. We are doing the best we can, given the circumstances. We always have options, however, and I’d like to offer one to you. How can this fear grip us and keep us attached to it? The quickest way is through media. I’m not just talking about the news, I’m talking about any kind of media – phones, Netflix, social, etc. I am going on a media fast for 36 hours to detach myself completely from this fear and I am asking you to join me. For 36 hours offer yourself something else to fill your time that is not attached to media – unfinished projects around the house, meditation, exercise, writing, reading, and you can watch movies, just nothing that is streaming…if you have dvd’s or VHS (I know,I know…my daughter already calls me a boomer!) tapes, those are fine. I’m curious and excited to see how this experience will be!

Mirror back:

The second, powerful and proactive part is mirroring the fear back to itself. Set the intention that fear is no longer in control of your being and you reflect the energy back with love and transformational energy for its highest good. This fear is hooking into us through our hearts so the more that practice this, the more we can change what is happening on our planet. We all have experiences of what fear can do and how destructive it is in our lives. Let’s change how we interact with fear. Let’s not give into it but intentionally disallow its power over us. Visualize the life you want right now, have faith that it is yours and let go of the mindset that anything in this world is controlling you.