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The Power of Love

By Stephanie Kato, Metaphysical Intuitive Healer

What is so powerful it moves us to tears of joy or tears of sadness? What touches our hearts through music and media? What is so powerful that we endure hours of physical and emotional pain for our loved ones?


There are many expressions of love and each unique experience creates an opportunity for us to understand ourselves better, love ourselves more, connect to our physical dysfunction in a way that actually speaks to us, and keeps our hearts open in the process (if we choose this option). But here’s the thing…keeping our hearts open proves to be one of the most challenging of all human choices because it requires us to be vulnerable. And feeling vulnerable is a scary proposition for most people. Yet, what is the alternative? Sure, we can keep our hearts closed to protect ourselves, and doing so opens us up to all types of physical discomfort. Why? Because keeping our emotional hearts closed creates stress and tension in the body, and this creates physical dysfunction.

As a metaphysical colon hydrotherapist many issues around gut dysfunction relate to our emotional hearts and our fear of surrendering into the trust of another human being. For example, during a metaphysical colonic I will ask my client to go within and feel the emotional discomfort of a challenging issue in their love relationship. Once the client has connected with this issue, I ask where they feel the emotional pain in their physical body. More often than not, they feel it in their gut. This is especially true if there are trust issues…and there are usually trust issues because the issues of trust have less to do with our partner and more to do with trusting ourselves.

“How do we overcome trust issues within ourselves? We do so by staying in our hearts”.

What does it mean to stay in our hearts? We stay in our hearts when we lead with love, no matter what. First, we feel love for ourselves. Love must start within each of us before we can extend this to others. How do we show ourselves love? By asking for help from others when we need it and trust they will help us. We show ourselves love by including ourselves in our lives if we are caretakers for others. (This means that we check in with ourselves to see how much energy we have to give and convey this limitation to others before we give of ourselves, our time and our energy.) We offer ourselves love when we take the time to play and have fun with our friends and family, so life isn’t just about making money or attaining our goals. We love ourselves when we have the courage to heal emotionally and sit in the discomfort of uncomfortable emotions. We offer self-love through healthy eating and exercise.

“Spend this unique time feeling love for yourself.”

It’s a unique time in the world, no doubt. Although there is much fear, there is also much love and I’d like to focus on that with you today. The experience that we are all having across the globe shows people loving themselves and each other by singing to each other from their quarantined balconies. They offer help to shop for groceries and essential items. They sew masks and create necessary medical equipment with ingenuity. Families and roommates create games and musicals and post on social media to lighten another person’s load with laughter and levity. This is all done in the name of LOVE and it has been so beautiful and special to witness.

Human beings show up with their best selves during times of emergencies and disasters. This is happening today, and every day. Those who are fighting each other do so out of fear. Let’s not judge them or condemn them, but take this collective love in the world and spread it to everyone on the planet. We can do this by staying in our hearts. Here is a beautiful exercise we can all practice:

  • From your heart center beam a white light and with loving intention, send it out to everyone in the world.
  • If your mind wants to go into judgment, tell it to sit down and be quiet while you do this.
  • With gratitude, send out loving energy from your heart to every human being’s heart.

That’s it. It’s a simple and sacred exercise, and one I encourage you to practice daily. Also practice being in gratitude that you are living during a time where you can see how loving human beings are to each other. Don’t worry about politics or any judgment your mind wants to conjure up while doing this. I’m not suggesting you ignore important things in the world. Trust me, there is plenty of time for that. What I am asking you to do is practice being the love that you are. You are love incarnate and you can change the world with the love you express intentionally. Many people need your love and the more people that practice sending it out right now will help to calm and counter the fear that is human, but not helpful to any of us.

“Energy flows where intention goes” ~ Author unknown.

                  What I find interesting right now is experiencing the value of love. Many humans focus on the value of money, of material things and I understand finances are a real and valid concern today. Also, we are being forced to stay home either alone or with loved ones. We are experiencing the value of spending time with and loving ourselves and each other. With this, we discover new ways to connect to each other, and what a beautiful gift this is. We can share this love with others when we take out food from a restaurant and ask how they are doing. Offer a generous tip if you are able (doing this keeps you out of fear mentality and in abundance mentality). Smile and say hello to each other when taking a walk or riding a bike outside. You can see the fear and sadness on their faces. Love them and let them know they are not alone with a simple and loving acknowledgement. These are all expressions and examples of loving ourselves and each other. Remember:

“Love is all there is…” ~ Emily Dickinson & Bob Dylan.

                  As I write this, please know that I am sending love to each one of you. Let’s choose to allow this experience to change us and live from our hearts from this day forward. Let’s choose to mark this time in our lives as the time when love transformed us into remembering who we truly are.

“You are love incarnate and deserve a life of peace, joy and love”