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Press and Mentions

Heal Podcast with Mimi MacLean from Lyme360

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Hi friends, I was interviewed on Lyme360 podcast where we discuss metaphysical colonics, lyme disease and more!

Stephanie Kato from Iyasu Colonics will be discussing the nitty-gritty of what Colon Hydrotherapy is and why it is so important in the healing process on this episode of the Heal podcast. I have been going to Stephanie for several years and she has helped me through some difficult times. For those of you who have not tried colonics or Colon Hydro Therapy, this is a discussion you do not want to miss.

KLT Podcast with Stephanie

As a Metaphysical Intuitive Healer since 1996, Stephanie created a style of healing combining metaphysics and cleansing. As a result, Iyasu (which means “to heal” in Japanese) was born. Should a client wish to engage in a Metaphysical Colonic, Stephanie encourages him/her to share emotional experiences of stress and disharmony in their lives as they physically release. As they do, an amazing thing happens – the client feels relief (emotionally and physically) and they start to connect how their physical body holds onto emotional, mental and spiritual issues in a way that may be creating dysfunction and illness within them. Stephanie has two companies: iyasucolonics and Iyasu’s Metaphysical Cleanse. She also has an online school with metaphysical online courses to assist people in their own self-healing.

Energy | Four Levels of Healing

Energy. What exactly is it? We’ve all heard people say, “don’t bring that bad energy around me” and “I don’t have the energy right now” or maybe you’ve heard “the energy was perfect, that’s how I knew it was right.” Needless to say, in whichever context you heard the word being used, they are all very well referring to the same thing—the quantitive property that is transferred to an object in order for it to move. The law of conservation states that energy can be converted in form but, not created nor destroyed. Energy is found in many things, and takes various forms. Ever walk into a room and get a bad feeling however, everyone appears to be happy? That’s energy(read full article here)

Iyasu Metaphysical Colonics 3 Part Series