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Mother Thyself

By Stephanie Kato

Our relationships with our mothers vary greatly. One thing we all have in common is the complexity of these relationships. We literally grew inside and emerged from our mothers’ bodies. We were privy to our mothers’ feelings and thoughts during gestation. We subconsciously adopted some of her feelings and thoughts through the symbiotic nature of this strong connection. How could our relationship with mom be anything but complex?

Through this lineage we may have received specific health issues passed down through genetics and emotional patterning. Reminding ourselves our mothers truly did the best they could with the level of self-love they felt when we were created, and throughout our upbringing, we can hold a space of compassion for us both. Choosing this type of perspective can be helpful especially if your own mother lacked a loving and maternal skillset. Regardless of your unique experience, learning to mother yourself using your mother as an example can aid you in your internal healing endeavors.

Mother as example

  • If you had a healthy and loving experience with your mom, please use this as a reminder of how to treat yourself. Take her lead and offer yourself loving kindness instead of beating yourself up. Allow yourself to feel her loving embrace when life becomes challenging or lonely. Remember how she would rub your tummy when it hurt or sit with you when overwhelming emotions threatened to take over. Offer yourself sweet mothering when you need it and stand in gratitude for her loving example.
  • If you did not have a positive experience with your mom, now is the time to learn how to mother yourself. As a child I’m sure you wished your mom gave you love in a specific way. In your mind, take yourself back and write down all the ways you wanted love from her. Allow emotions and feelings to surface and release as they are apt to do. We all have aspects of ourselves that still need healing from our past experiences. Reminding yourself you are a strong and capable person, you can offer self-mothering in the form of self-nurturing and self-encouragement (regardless of your sex as we are a combination of masculine/feminine). When you accept all you need to heal on every level of your being resides within you, you become free. You no longer hope or expect someone else to meet your emotional needs, you take responsibility and charge of your physical health and create a mindset that supports and raises you to the life you dream of and truly deserve. From this perspective, being given a mother that was less than ideal can become your greatest healing asset…if you so choose it to be.

Many clients participate in Iyasu’s Metaphysical Cleanse to focus on their relationships with their mothers. They learn to grieve the loss of the relationship they desired as young children and shift into a new place within that encourages a strong mindset, release of painful emotions (currently stored in the physical body as illness/dysfunction), and a healthy and energetic physical body. Please call me if you want to book a metaphysical session sometime…

Wishing all mothers love, gratitude, joy & health!