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As the founder of Iyasu’s Metaphysical Cleanse, my intention is to provide my clients with continuing education of self-healing through self-love. As a Metaphysical Intuitive, I teach clients how to work with the Wisdom of the Body. Our bodies are so wise and love us so much. It talks to us through illness and dysfunction. Through this wisdom we can learn to correlate open hearts with optimal health. How? This month’s blog is a great example of this…

Love Perspective & The Immune System

It’s common knowledge that healthy eating, exercise, adequate hydration and even a positive attitude helps to boost our immune systems. Strong immune systems are key to strong and healthy bodies, now more than ever.

Our present experiences bring up controls issue simply because there are so many things in our lives we cannot control. This reality feels very uncomfortable and human beings project their control issues outward to manage internal discomfort. We see daily examples of people displaying varying levels of anger toward each other with words, violence or other fear-based behaviors.

Are we willing to live and let live? Can we use the discomfort of our feelings to self-heal on deeper levels of our being? Can we choose a perspective that allows us to offer compassion to ourselves and others, despite our fears? Can we take this time in history to listen to the wisdom within creating an alternative way of relating to the world in and around us?


Let’s begin this discussion with a story and an invitation:

It is my intention to lead and show up with love for everyone I encounter. I set this intention because being a loving person is who I choose to be and it feels great. I believe in the power and possibilities of love. Plus, when I am being my loving self I make better food choices, I care for myself more consistently, and my overall health reflects the benefits of this perspective.

About 2 years ago, I experienced a situation with someone that created anger and resentment within me. At the time I wanted to lash out because she blamed and criticized me for holding a healthy, strong boundary. The last thing on my mind was loving this person. Recently, she tried to reconnect as if nothing had happened previously and I again had to hold the same boundary. Once again, she attacked my character. Over the last 2 years I have focused my spiritual work on being loving and practicing unconditional love. So this time I reminded myself that her behavior was not personal, and had no need to feel fearful or angry.

Being present with myself, I noticed my initial reaction (upon hearing from her) was fear. When she attacked my character, I noticed the anger. Then I observed what occurred within my body. My stomach, jaw and teeth clenched and I stopped breathing. As soon as I recognized and acknowledged the emotional pain she must carry within her that creates her behavior, I felt empathy and compassion instead of anger, and started sending her love. Once I did, my body relaxed and I felt a lightness of being.

The funny thing is that my small ego mind wanted to stay in the “fight”. It harangued me to tell friends about what just happened (my small ego mind enjoys righteous indignation). However, I choose not to embrace victim mentality, so I reminded myself that all I would accomplish was gossiping about someone who suffers on some level and that would be neither helpful nor loving to her.

This experience got me thinking about the love perspective and my immune system. I already know that a stress response (fight/flight/freeze=fear) keeps my immune system depressed. I don’t want that. I want my immune system as strong as possible. I am assuming you want the same thing. So, can we collectively send love out to those people who are “causing problems” or “misbehaving”? Are we willing to stop judging others and look beyond their behavior and assume they need love?

I would love to hear from those of you willing to take part in this love perspective and share with me what you discover in your body and life when you send out love and light instead of embracing fear and anger.

We all want to love and be loved.

We accomplish this by BEING LOVE.

Let’s set an intention today to Be Love and
observe what occurs within and without…