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Iyasu’s Metaphysical Cleanse

Do you know that it is your birthright to live with joy, freedom, optimum health, and love? If this does not describe your current beliefs, it is not your fault (it is however, your responsibility — more on this here). Most likely a self-misperception is the cause of your current living situation. We human beings perceive ourselves to be other than who we truly are and this is the main cause of our suffering. What do I mean? See if you can relate to any of the following statements:

  • “I would’ve gotten that job/career/promotion/acknowledgement if I were”:
    • Smart enough
    • Good enough
    • Talented enough
    • Capable enough
    • Strong enough
  • “He/she would still be with me if I were” or “I would have a relationship if I were” or “I’m afraid that I’m not”:
    • Pretty/handsome/hot enough
    • Rich enough
    • Thin enough
    • Interesting enough
    • Tall enough
    • Funny enough
    • Strong enough
    • Smart enough
    • Good enough
    • Lovable enough
  • “I would be happy if” or “My life would be perfect if”:
    • My parents loved me they way I need them to
    • My friendships were more balanced/not such a one way street
    • I were in a relationship
    • I had the perfect job
    • I had more money
    • I weighed ________ lbs.
    • My partner were available to me/gave me what I needed/would do _________ for me.
    • Only I had _________________
    • ___________________ behaved like this ____________________
    • My life weren’t so hard
  • “Happiness and a good life is for other people, not me.”
  • “I’m afraid I won’t have what I want.”
  • “I’m afraid I will lose what I have.”
  • “I don’t really feel much of anything,” or “I don’t know what I am feeling.”
  • “I feel indifferent.”
  • “I’m always sick/not feeling well/at the doctor’s office/spending so much money on treatments and not getting better.”
  • “It’s __________________’s fault that my life is like this.”

What do the above beliefs reflect?

  1. Our need to know we are (good) enough and worthy of love.
  2. Our need for validation from an external source (partner, work/superiors, friends, family, society, finances, status) so we feel accepted and “normal”.
  3. How embracing victim mentality keeps us from knowing our truth.

Working with clients for over 22 years, I’ve concluded that false beliefs create the biggest and most negative impact on our health, relationships, and level of happiness. Don’t despair – this is great news! Despite being unable to control much in our lives, changing what we believe to be true about ourselves is absolutely within our control. You may be wondering –

  1. How to change your beliefs to know you are worthy and lovable.
  2. How to release any need to be accepted by others.
  3. How to take full responsibility for what your life looks like.

Creating healthy belief systems is the basis for Iyasu’s Metaphysical Cleanse. The word “cleanse” doesn’t mean you will get rid of feelings such as fear, anger, resentment, grief, or sadness. What you will be cleansing and releasing are beliefs that no longer serve you, as a way to remind you the truth of who you are. We all experience uncomfortable feelings. Participating in the Metaphysical Cleanse offers you a way to make friends with all aspects of yourself – your feelings, your physical body and dysfunctions, your current beliefs, your challenges, your distractions, disconnection, and distrust. Only by loving all parts of ourselves will we authentically embrace self-love, self-worth, and self-compassion.

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