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Love Perspective & The Immune System

As the founder of Iyasu’s Metaphysical Cleanse, my intention is to provide my clients with continuing education of self-healing through self-love. As a Metaphysical Intuitive, I teach clients how to work with the Wisdom of the Body. Our bodies are so wise and love us so much. It talks to us through illness and dysfunction. Through this wisdom we can learn to correlate open hearts with optimal health. How? This month’s blog is a great example of this… (read more)

A 7 Day Story Of Trust

Beside my Metaphysical Cleanse school and (newly completed) self-healing courses, I am the owner and founder of a holistic health clinic in Los Angeles, Ca. When this cataclysmic event occurred, I closed my brick and mortar business and found myself alongside hundreds of thousands of businesses shuttered closed and filled with an uncertain future. The top priority was procuring funds to maintain my business during the lockdown and ensure I supported my employees and my family in whatever way I could be of service. I quite enjoyed the research it took to understand which programs would be the most appropriate and helpful in attaining my new and unexpected goals. Despite proactively filling out application after application, I watched myself as the fear crept in and noticed when survival mode was surfacing. As a single mother completely and financially responsible for two children and the sole owner of my businesses, it was an interesting time. (read more)


Aside from sequestering ourselves and practicing social distancing, did you know there is something else we can all do to stop this virus from spreading and actually shut it down?

YES, and I am going to share both of these with you today. (read more)

The Power of Love

What is so powerful it moves us to tears of joy or tears of sadness? What touches our hearts through music and media? What is so powerful that we endure hours of physical and emotional pain for our loved ones? (read more)

The Language of Vulnerability (and its effects on our body)

How often do you say what you really mean or want when it comes to love? It’s not easy to do so because it makes us feel too vulnerable. Where do these unexpressed words lie within the body? To find out, let’s do a little experiment. (read more)

“It’s up to me…”

When working with a client my intention is always on empowerment of self. This is what I mean: we are individually responsible for ourselves and our lives. We have a hand in what we attract into our lives, the way our bodies function, the amount of happiness we feel and the choices we make. We learn through our experiences so there are no “good” or “bad” choices. Let’s take the judgment out of it and choose to look at every experience as an opportunity to understand ourselves a little (or a lot) better. Doesn’t that feel better? It’s the truth! Adopting this perspective allows us to take the hammer out of our hands so we can stop beating ourselves up for simply being human and having human experiences. How many times have you said to yourself “I’m not going to make that mistake again”? Sometimes we don’t and sometimes we do. (read more)

Gratitude & Our Shadow Side

This isn’t your typical Thanksgiving post (highlighting “positive”[1] things we are grateful for in our lives.) Instead, I present gratitude for the shadow side of life (I use control issues as this example). These are the aspects of human experiences that challenge, trigger, and upset us-AKA the “negative” parts of ourselves that we would rather hide from because it creates internal discomfort when we acknowledge them. Why should we be grateful for that? Since they cause emotional pain, wouldn’t it be easier if we distract ourselves or just get rid of them? Many people try but the issue is this: upsetting, challenging and triggering events are a part of life. Getting rid of them is like trying to live without a beating heart…it’s impossible. I’m also not suggesting you just live with it. I advocate finding the joy and gratitude for the information, messages and lessons these experiences offer. (read more)

Detaching with Compassion

Detaching from self-harm by practicing self-compassion

Speaking with a friend recently, we discussed how much more patient we are with our kids today than when we first birthed them, about 19 years ago. I asked her if she thought it was because she was more patient with herself and after giving it some thought, she agreed. I notice that many people are rather hard on themselves for seemingly no reason. (They have their reasons but it’s not always obvious to others.) For example: do you know accomplished and confident people who treat themselves with little self-compassion or people who treat others unkindly? (read more)

Power of Pause

I’ve noticed many meditation businesses and events have popped up all over LA. Could this trend signal a need for us to slow down and pause? Most definitely! Many of us understand the need to relax, unplug and unwind–to calm the mind and the senses. We rush to get out the door in the morning for school and work. We rush out of work to pick up the kids and hurry to get food on the table amidst homework and extra-curricular activities. With all this rushing around, it’s no wonder we gravitate toward mind-body balance. (read more)

Back to Basics – 8 Tips For Optimal Health, Weight Loss and Happiness (Part Two)

July addresses part two of 8 basic health tips to help you attain optimal health, weight loss, and happiness (part one was in last month’s newsletter). During their metaphysical sessions my clients explore and discover deeper parts of themselves by staying present to what their mind believes, the resulting emotions / feelings and how it all manifests in their bodies. Last month we discussed how eating for our blood types, staying hydrated, exercising, and moving our lymphatic system contributes to our health. This month we will discuss the importance of Metaphysical colonics, deep breathing, practicing gratitude, and choosing joy. (read more)


June is the perfect month to begin discussing 8 basic health tips to help you attain optimal health, weight loss and happiness. As a Metaphysical Intuitive Healer, the top health complaints I hear from my clients involve digestive issues, excess weight and lethargy.

What is the number one reason we stay stuck? (read more)

Mother Thyself

Our relationships with our mothers vary greatly. One thing we all have in common is the complexity of these relationships. We literally grew inside and emerged from our mothers’ bodies. We were privy to our mothers’ feelings and thoughts during gestation. We subconsciously adopted some of her feelings and thoughts through the symbiotic nature of this strong connection. How could our relationship with mom be anything but complex? (read more)

100% Responsibility

Being a Metaphysical Intuitive Healer is so interesting because I am privy to information people typically keep to themselves. I create a safe space for my clients to emote and express themselves when participating in a Metaphysical Cleanse. One thing people talk about in great detail is their relationships. I’ve spent hundreds of hours listening to clients explain the challenges they’ve had with partners, family, friends and co-workers. Relationship issues causing anger and resentment stem from people not taking responsibility for their behavior and their commitments. In addition to not owning what is theirs, they also tend to blame the other person for the chaos they create with their behavior and words. (read more)

Iyasu’s Metaphysical Nutrition for Parents Tips on Handling Picky Eaters

One of the most challenging aspects of raising small children is the food issue. If you are a parent needing some help with frustrating nutritional issues in your home, I present different perspectives on how to calm food battles…and offer tips on self-healing at the same time! (read more)

A Metaphysical Guide to Online Dating

“I met my true love through online dating!!”

How often have you heard those words uttered? I know some people find love this way and every time I hear this, it warms my heart. More often than not, however, it feels more like an exercise in futility. Men and women alike expend time, energy and money hoping to find love only to end up feeling discouraged and hopeless. When online dating doesn’t produce the person of our dreams, are we destined for a lonely existence? Not at all – it depends on how you choose to look at it. (read more)

New Life Intention

Ahhh….it’s that time of the year again when we are charged with the excitement of committing to new or past goals, aka – New Year’s Resolutions. A friend of mine is hosting an “I hate New Year’s Resolutions” party, and although being a bit cynical she probably captures the sentiment of many people! Instead of resolving to change (what ends up being for a month or so) in the start of the new year, can you create a New LIFE Intention? With a New Life Intention you commit to change your lifestyle based on a new way of thinking. (read more)

Metaphysical Help for Holiday Loneliness

As if holiday loneliness doesn’t feel bad enough, viewing festive Instagram and Facebook posts by people sharing celebratory pictures can make lonely people feel even lonelier. Is there a way to transmute feelings of isolation and alienation into joy and blessings?

Absolutely…but how? (read more)

Why Illness and Disease Appear ‘Suddenly’

As a Metaphysical Colon Hydrotherapist I have the honor of working with clients who take sessions with me to address their illness, disease and dysfunction. Similarly to the last blog I wrote – ‘Why We Have Unexplained Weight Gain’, your body can also present weird physical symptoms that may seem to appear suddenly.

The truth? These symptoms have been in the making for quite some time. The reason they seem to pop up out of nowhere is because the conditions within the body/person are right for it to do so. What do I mean? (read more)