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A 7 Day Story Of Trust

By Stephanie Kato, Metaphysical Intuitive Healer

Beside my Metaphysical Cleanse school and (newly completed) self-healing courses, I am the owner and founder of a holistic health clinic in Los Angeles, Ca. When this cataclysmic event occurred, I closed my brick and mortar business and found myself alongside hundreds of thousands of businesses shuttered closed and filled with an uncertain future. The top priority was procuring funds to maintain my business during the lockdown and ensure I supported my employees and my family in whatever way I could be of service. I quite enjoyed the research it took to understand which programs would be the most appropriate and helpful in attaining my new and unexpected goals. Despite proactively filling out application after application, I watched myself as the fear crept in and noticed when survival mode was surfacing. As a single mother completely and financially responsible for two children and the sole owner of my businesses, it was an interesting time.

I found myself with time on my hands (a rare occurrence) and committed to complete all my online courses during this downtime. Do you ever notice the perfect and Divine timing of life sometimes? I was not only given the time I needed to complete the courses (something that was near impossible working full time at my brick and mortar) but also the opportunity to be a student of my own courses. The last additions to my courses were asking me “will you truly walk your talk”, every time I opened my laptop. The final course, “Daily Mindfulness Living”, is basically about watching our minds and making choices in the present moment. In the United States, small businesses were offered a program to keep our payrolls active to help us all survive and stimulate the economy. Even though I was on top of my game and was one of the first to send in my application for the government-backed funds, I was not amongst the first group to receive funding. I was a bit gob smacked when I heard the money ran out, yet stayed positive that it would work out.

I’ve learned to detach from my mind and observed it wanted to convince me how unfair it was that I didn’t “win” the funding, even though I (idealistically) thought I would get it the first time out because I was so proactive and organized. Being in the present moment I knew I had a choice: I could either throw a pity party and blame the big companies who took money away from me and my fellow small businesses, or I could step into trust and remind myself that the true source of my abundance lies in a higher source, not other human beings. The only requirement? Trust. I am a deeply spiritual person who regularly communicates with (some might call it prayer) my spiritual guides and each time I questioned what was going on I was always told the same thing–TRUST!

So there I was, writing a course on “Living Free From Victim Mentality” and life showed up and offered me the one lesson I needed the most. I had a choice–which would I choose? I gave up living with victim mentality years ago, however, as a human being it tries to come back in from time to time. This was one of those times. True, the pandemic was not my fault and true, it was unfortunate timing for this to happen when my business was booming. But so what? I knew blaming something I had no control over just to satisfy my ego would prove unhelpful to me in the moment. Ultimately, I reminded myself I am not a victim. I am a worthy person and I am love. And I could choose to send out loving and positive energy while trusting all would work out for me. Isn’t that a better alternative than surrounding myself with negativity and fear (and then projecting that out to the collective consciousness)?

I also completed “100% Responsibility” and this course encouraged me to take responsibility for not being as financially prepared as I could have been. I’ve never experienced a pandemic before and did not understand how devastating this could be on my business and my life. This experience taught me to be more financially responsible than ever before. I am making plans now to be diligent when I work my business to put more into savings as a contingency plan. I had one when I originally wrote my business plan and budgeted for the opening of my business. What happened to my plan? Simply put, I thought I was doing so well and didn’t think it could change, so I forgot about it.

The second thing I take responsibility for is this–following through on my commitment to love myself and take wonderful care of myself. The first few weeks after closing my business were admittedly stressful and I turned to some comfort eating. I know I’m not alone in this and I started packing on the pounds. I could work through this time period as compassionately and loving toward myself as possible. It wasn’t until I remembered some tips I taught in “Nurture Your Vulnerable Self” that I offered myself nurturing and loving activities, not just the ones that produced something (writings, exercise, etc.). I reminded myself that I’ve worked so hard over the last 5 years getting my business to where it is today, and I deserved to take an actual break and rest. That was hard for me. I am a doer and boy, do I go sometimes! I guess it was a way for me to feel more in control during a time where I controlled absolutely nothing. I showed myself loving kindness and got a book on mandalas and started coloring. I went for walks and bike rides by myself and it was magical! Who knew? By nurturing and loving the part of me that felt scared and stressed, do you know what happened? I filled myself with the thing I needed most…self-love, self-kindness, self-compassion and self-acceptance. It satiated the part of me sugar couldn’t fill, and right after this experience I went back to my clean eating and fun exercise!

The moral of the story? Trust that life loves us and has our back. We are creating our lives one day at a time. We choose what that will look like with mindfulness thinking, staying out of victim mentality, loving the vulnerability within us and taking full responsibility for ourselves and our lives. I trust that I am a strong and capable person who will not fold or crumble at life’s unexpected and scary moments. I trust that my spiritual helpers are available to support and help me when I ask and trust they will. I trust that if I stay in my heart and project loving and healing energy into the world, this is the best thing I can do to help my fellow human beings. Love and trust are always the answers to the question of fear. By the way…I just found out last night, I got my funding!

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